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First 90 Days, Updated and Expanded: Critical Success Strategies for New Le…

HardCover. Pub Date :2013-05-14 Pages: 304 Language: English Publisher: Harvard Business School Press In this updated and expanded version of the international bestseller The First 90 Days. Michael D. Watkins offers proven strategies for conquering the challenges of transitions -no matter where you are in your career. Watkins. a noted expert on leadership transitions and adviser to senior leaders in all types of organizations. also addresses today’s increasingly demanding professional…

The First 90 Days

Pub Date : 2003 | Author : Michael Watkins | Publisher : Harvard Business Press

ISBN 10 : 1591391105
ISBN 13 : 9781591391104

The international bestseller and globally acknowledged bible on leadership and career transitions Fully a quarter of all managers in major corporations enter new leadership roles e..

The First 90 Days In Government

Pub Date : 2006 | Author : Peter H. Daly | Publisher : Harvard Business Press

ISBN 10 : 1591399556
ISBN 13 : 9781591399551

The authors address the crucial differences between the private and public sectors. This concise, practical book provides a roadmap to help new government leaders at all levels acc..

International Marketing And Trade Of Quality Food Products

Pub Date : 2009-01-01 | Author : Maurizio Canavari | Publisher : Wageningen Academic Pub

ISBN 10 : 9789086860890
ISBN 13 : 9086860893

Due to increased purchasing power of certain consumer segments all over the world and the related growing demand for food specialties for differentiated goods in the international ..

The Western Canon

Pub Date : 2014-06-17 | Author : Harold Bloom | Publisher : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN 10 : 9780547546483
ISBN 13 : 0547546483

Harold Bloom explores our Western literary tradition by concentrating on the works of twenty-six authors central to the Canon. He argues against ideology in literary criticism; he ..

You Re In Charge Now What

Pub Date : 2005-01-11 | Author : Thomas J. Neff | Publisher : Crown Business

ISBN 10 : 9781400098309
ISBN 13 : 1400098300

Getting a new job or a big promotion is like building a house: You need to get the foundation right for both. With a job, the quick-drying cement is how well you do in your first h..

Governance For Drought Resilience

Pub Date : 2016-05-11 | Author : Hans Bressers | Publisher : Springer

ISBN 10 : 9783319296715
ISBN 13 : 331929671X

This book presents the findings of a team of scientists and practitioners who have been working on the project “Benefits of Governance in Drought Adaptation” (in short: the DRO..

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