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Castles Dungeons

ISBN 10 : 9781599052397
ISBN 13 : 1599052393

Presents facts about life inside a castle and a dungeon...

Castles And Dungeons

ISBN 10 : 9781617842849
ISBN 13 : 1617842842

Explores the characters of fantasy & folklore and places them in historical context...

Castles And Dungeons

ISBN 10 : 1604532211
ISBN 13 : 9781604532210

Part of a series on magical and mythological creatures, this volume contains tidbits from fantasy and folklore and contemporary and archival art that explore the concepts of castle..


ISBN 10 : 0736895272
ISBN 13 : 9780736895279

"Provides an overview of the history of castles, along with their origins, construction, uses, defense, and the daily life of their inhabitants, with an emphasis on famous castles ..

Pilgrimage Tourism Of Diaspora Africans To Ghana

ISBN 10 : 9781317674986
ISBN 13 : 1317674987

Processes of globalization have led to diasporic groups longing for their homelands. One such group includes descendants from African ancestors displaced by the trans-Atlantic slav..

Castles And Dungeons

ISBN 10 : 1860079547
ISBN 13 : 9781860079542

Journey into the incredible world of splendid castles, bloodthirsty battles and painful punishments...

Haunted Histories

ISBN 10 : 9781429955317
ISBN 13 : 1429955317

Guided by tween "ghostorian" Virgil, readers will discover fascinating facts about calamitous events throughout history as they explore castles, palaces and dungeons and those infa..