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Cinematic Fictions

ISBN 10 : 9781846318122
ISBN 13 : 1846318122

The phrase 'cinematic fiction' has now been generally accepted into critical discourse, but is usually applied to post-war novels. This book asks a simple question: given their fas..

Cinematic Techniques In The Prose Fiction Of Beatriz Guido

ISBN 10 : 1581120583
ISBN 13 : 9781581120585

Has 20th century literary technique been influenced by the cinema? The obvious answer is yes. But with that answer few specific examples are ever provided, frustrating the reader a..

Image And Mind

ISBN 10 : 0521453569
ISBN 13 : 9780521453561

This book develops a theory of the nature of the cinematic medium, of the psychology of film viewing, and of film narrative...

Afterlife And Narrative In Contemporary Fiction

ISBN 10 : 9781137022691
ISBN 13 : 1137022698

Afterlife and Narrative explores why life after death is such a potent cultural concept today, and why it is such an attractive prospect for modern fiction. The book mines a rich v..

Cinema Philosophy Bergman

ISBN 10 : 9780191610028
ISBN 13 : 019161002X

The increasingly popular idea that cinematic fictions can 'do' philosophy raises some difficult questions. Who is actually doing the philosophizing? Is it the philosophical comment..

Exploring The Limits Of The Human Through Science Fiction

ISBN 10 : 9781137330796
ISBN 13 : 1137330791

Through its engagement with different kinds of texts, Exploring the Limits of the Human through Science Fiction represents a new way of approaching both science fiction and critica..

Monsoon Tide

ISBN 10 : 9781619846036
ISBN 13 : 1619846039

Monsoon Tide is first of its kind! It combines a book and a film in one unique package, giving you a totally rounded reading and viewing experience. Note to reader: Only purchase t..