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Super Agent

ISBN 10 : 9781613217566
ISBN 13 : 1613217560

Super Agent. Maverick. Reformer. Iconoclast. Dealmaker. Dentist? Jerry Argovitz has worn many hats in his remarkable life, both inside and outside of the world of sports. As a play..

Super Agent

ISBN 10 : 9781118891797
ISBN 13 : 1118891791

Reading Super Agent is like spending a day with two of the most successful real estate agents in America. Joseph and JoAnn Callaway sell 300 to 500 high-end homes per year. Now the..

The Deal

ISBN 10 : 9781472123046
ISBN 13 : 1472123042

'Excellent . . . an in-depth excavation of the murky and mysterious world of football business. Smith's candid and often shocking book reveals the true workings of football busines..

Can I Go Now

ISBN 10 : 9781101620526
ISBN 13 : 1101620528

“To call Sue Mengers a ‘character’ is an understatement, unless the word is written in all-caps, followed by an exclamation point and modified by an expletive. And based on B..

Next Question

ISBN 10 : 1440633789
ISBN 13 : 9781440633782

Winning business principles from an NFL super agent?now in paperback. Building the most dominant sports agency in professional football?with over one billion dollars in player cont..

The Secret Agent A Simple Tale

ISBN 10 : 9781632097811
ISBN 13 : 1632097818

Trajectory presents classics of world literature with 21st century features! Our original-text editions include the following visual enhancements to foster a deeper understanding o..

Secret Agent

ISBN 10 : 1909715247
ISBN 13 : 9781909715240

From mere coffee boy, to lowly scout, to multi-million pound wheeler dealer with the Big Four and the cream of the clubs in the UEFA Champions League: this book charts the Secret A..