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The Highway Code

ISBN 10 : 0115524495
ISBN 13 : 9780115524493

Over 1.2 million learners sit their car driving test each year. This theory test book contains all the answers to the questions in a concise form and is illustrated with cartoons t..

The Official Highway Code

ISBN 10 : 0115528148
ISBN 13 : 9780115528149

For over 75 years The Highway Code has been the official guide to using the roads safely and legally. It is important that all road users - drivers, motorcyclists, cyclists, horse ..

The Official Dsa Theory Test For Car Drivers And The Official Highway Code

ISBN 10 : 0115531262
ISBN 13 : 9780115531262

Valid until 2011, this book contains every single theory test question you could be asked. It includes preparation for case studies with practice questions on all topic areas...

The Highway Code

ISBN 10 : 0115531807
ISBN 13 : 9780115531804

To celebrate the 80th anniversary of The Highway Code, this facsimile of the very first edition, originally published in 1931, is available for a limited time only. Despite the num..

The Highway Code

ISBN 10 : 0115518436
ISBN 13 : 9780115518430

The official driving manual for Great Britain, this is a perfect handbook for anyone thinking of driving in England. Rules of the highway, signage and signals -- this is an indispe..

The Official Highway Code

ISBN 10 : 0115533427
ISBN 13 : 9780115533426

The driving test reaches its 80th anniversary in 2015, and this commemorative edition of the Highway Code is a celebration of that milestone in British road safety. Updated for 201..

Theory Test Companion

ISBN 10 : 011552410X
ISBN 13 : 9780115524103